Speakers from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland are invited to our conference on saturday. All speakers can freely choose their topic and presentation format under the vision »The Joy of Graphic Design« to offer insights into their work, processes and ideas. We are happy to welcome:

Mario Lombardo (Berlin)
Andreas Uebele (Stuttgart)
Erik Kessels (Amsterdam)
Vier5 (Paris)
Happypets (Lausanne)
Robert Klanten (Berlin)

Please note: All detailed information about the speakers timetable can be found in the SCHEDULE section.



Mario Lombardo – Bureau Mario Lombardo (Berlin)

Mario Lombardo is considered to be one of Germany’s most influential contemporary editorial and graphic designers. He founded the Bureao Mario Lombardo in 2004. Mario Lombardo was elected to be Visual Leader of 2008 and has won more than 70 awards. He teaches at several German art and design universities. Gestalten Verlag, Audi, Four Music, Nike and Kadewe are among his clients.

Andreas Uebele – Studio Uebele (Stuttgart)

The Büro Uebele was founded in 1996 by Andreas Uebele and focuses on visual identity, information and guidance systems, corporate communication and exhibition design. The Corporate Design for German Federal Parliament is considered to be one of his most significant works. Andreas Uebele has won more than 280 national and international awards. Since 1998, he has worked as a professor for visual communications at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf.

Erik Kessels – KesselsKramer (Amsterdam)

Erik Kessels is founder and creative director of the Amsterdam-based Agency KesselsKramer, which has also been represented in London since 2007 with its combined shop, gallery and communications agency KK Outlet. Erik Kramer’s interdisciplinary portfolio includes projects from the field of classic advertisements, editorial design and documentary films with clients such as Diesel and Oxfam. Moreover, he is a photography collector, who also curates exhibitions and has published several photography issues such as »Useful Photography«.

Happypets (Lausanne)

The graphic design trio Happypets was founded in 2000 by Patrick Monnier, Cedric Henny and Violène Pont following their graphic design studies at Ecal in Lausanne, where they now hold lectures themselves. Nike, The Face Magazine, the Theatre du Moulin Neuf and the Paleo Music Festival are among their clients. Furthermore, they are always keen on doing their own interdisciplinary projects in the field of electronic music, fashion, publications and tattooing. One of the most important goals for them during projects is to have fun.

Robert Klanten – Gestalten Verlag (Berlin)

Robert Klanten is co-founder and publisher of Berlin-based Gestalten Verlag, where he has managed the creative activities from the very start. In this context, he is in charge of more than 350 publications in the field of design, illustration, architecture and art. Furthermore, he acts as a curator and consultant for contemporary design and visual culture matters. Volkswagen, Rat für Formgebung, Design Hotels, Hatje Cantz Uniglo, Redbull, Zumtobel, Smart, Diesel and MTV are among Gestalten Verlag’s clients.

Vier5 (Paris)

The work of Vier5 is based on a classical notion of design. Design as the possibility of drafting and creating new, forward-looking images in the field of visual communication. A further focus of their work is on designing and applying new and modern fonts. The work of Vier5 aims to prevent empty visual phrases and to replace them with individual, creative statements, which are specially tailored for the medium being used.